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Pauline Jones Gandrud's
Alabama Soldiers
Manuscript Collection

War of 1812 Veterans Buried in Alabama

The following list includes information collected by Pauline Jones Gandrud and from the National Cemetery Administration U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2000 data base and may contain some inaccurate information. Anyone having information on any veteran listed herein or who may have information on 1812 veterans whose names don't appear on this list should contact me. mailto:. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The Alabama Daughters of 1812, a historical-heritage association has been working in conjunction with the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Association - helping families preserve family locate and mark veterans’ graves and preserve the cemeteries in which these veterans and other family members are buried.

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Page, James. Tennessee militia under the command of Captain Nathan Peoples of Humphreys County, Tennessee. James Page was born 23 Feb 1788 at Lauren County, SC and died 1 Sep1830 at Bibb County, Alabama. He married Sarah Chism who was born in Kentucky in 1790 and died after 1860 at Navarro County, Texas. He is buried in the Page Cemetery in what is now Chilton County, AL.

Paine, Mathew; War of 1812; Walker, Madison, Franklin, Marion, Hancock
Payne, Matthew -See listing for Payne.
Parham, Francis; War of 1812; Greene.
Parham, William; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone.
Parker, William; War of 1812; Madison.
Parmer, Jacob; War of 1812; Barbour;
Parmer, William; War of 1812; Lownes; ltr 1965 from William T. Parmer.
Parnell, Daniel; War of 1812; Dallas; Bible: Benjamin M. Parnell; ltr 1965 from Mrs. Brockman.
Parr, John; Revolutionary War; Greene;
Parrish, Matthew Fontaine; War of 1812; Lawrence; Abstract from Saunders’ Early Settlers of Ala. only.
Parsons, Enoch; War of 1812 and militia service; Montgomery; Abstract from Owen’s History; transcription of will.
Parsons, Isaiah; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, John (widow Lucinda); War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, John (widow Polly); War of 1812; Jefferson;
Parsons, Samuel; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, Theophilus; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Patterson, Chambers; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Patterson, David; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Patterson, Duncan; War of 1812; Morgan, Marshall.
Patterson, Isham; War of 1812; Tallapoosa, Clay.
Patterson, John; War of 1812; Widow Mahala resident of Freestone Co. TX in 1897.
Patteson, Benjamin; War of 1812; Madison.
Patteson, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison, Marshall.
Patton, James Wounded Battle of Talladega 9 Nov 1813,died shortly afterward and honored by monument erected by DAR in Oak Hill Cemetery, Talladega, AL
Payne, Mathew Jr.. Pvt. in War of 1812. Served under Gen. John Coffee. Buried in Lawrence County in Payne Garris Cemetery. His sons James and John B. Payne also fought in the War of 1812. Matthew Payne was wounded and "Andrew Jackson told him to get home the best he could manage." For more info. regarding Matthew Payne and his sons email
From the June 2003 issue of the "Trail Tracker"
Matthew Payne was one of the most interesting Winston settlers. According to family legend, he volunteered as a youth in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in the shoulder and lost an eye by a British saber thrust at Brandywine. He was at Yorktown when the British surrendered. By 1783 he was in Davidson County, Tennessee, where he received a land grant of 640 acres on the north side of the Cumberland River at the mouth of Gaspers Creek. In Davidson County he married Amelia ("Milly") Cooper on June 17, 1791. By 1811 Matthew Payne and family were residents of Madison County, Mississippi Territory (now Alabama), where court records indicate he was active in land speculation, traffic in furs, hides, and frontier commodities, often in partnership with his son John B. Payne. According to an affidavit on file in the National Archives, executed by him November 7, 1850, at Lawrence County, Alabama, he volunteered in the War with the Creek Nation of Indians in 1813 in the regiment commanded by Colonel John Coffee. He was in Captain Russell's Company, one of General Andrew Jackson's spy companies and was mustered into service at Fort Williams on the Coosa River a short time before the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. He stated that he had "followed the Army from home with his son John B. Payne (now dead) and upon catching up with it, at Fort Williams, he found Gen. Jackson there in command, who was his neighbor and friend at home, and that gallant and distinguished soldier, knowing affiant's qualities as an experienced woodsman, frontiersman, and Indian fighter, pressed him to enlist in Captain Russell's Company of Volunteers, who acted as spies, and affiant did so, and continued in actual service in the War with the Creek Nation of Indians until the Battle of the Horse Shoe [Horseshoe Bend] on the Tallapoosa River, on the 27th March 1813 [March 27, 1814], in which battle affiant was severely wounded, having been shot through the body above the hips; this important battle but an end to the Creek War, and affiant was left among the wounded at Fort Williams, where he remained unable to be moved for about forty days, afterwards he was carried to Fort Strother, and thence home, an invalid for life…Affiant was left at Fort Williams by General Jackson's order with his son John B. Payne to attend on him, where it was expected he would have died in consequence of his wound…" He was placed on the pension rolls April 24, 1816, at $96 per annum. In August 1854 he executed as power of attorney appointing a representative in Washington D.C., "my true and lawful agent and attorney to prosecute the claim of my pension for any amt. of Revolutionary Pension or increase of pension that may be due…" The judge of the Hancock County Court of Alabama certified on September 11, 1856, that Matthew Payne died in that county on August 17, 1856, leaving a widow, Milly. Preston Payne (another son) was named attorney for the widow. He was buried in what is now a five-grave cemetery about two miles northeast of Pleasant Hill in Range 8 West, Township 9 South, Section 19, the same cemetery containing the grave of Stephen Garrison. References to Mathew or Mathey Payne, listed in 1840 in Walker County, AL aged 76 in a census of pensioners. Date of birth given as 1763 and date of death 1856. Place of burial given as Payne-Garrison Cemetery in the woods R8 W T 9 So. Winston County, AL As grandson of Mathew Payne's, Chesley Payne, born May, 1844 in Al and died Sept 1914 in Texas, who was a son of Mathew Payne's son, Preston, in 1896 applied for enrollment in the Cherokee Nation based on his claim that his family was of Cherokee descent. His claim was rejected. Chesley and several of his sons fought for the Confederacy and lived in Arkansas until after 1870.
Pearce, Edmund; War of 1812; Benton, Cleburne.
Pearce, James; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Pearson, Charity Mrs.; War of 1812; Morgan; Note about letter in Wm. McDowell’s pension application.
Pearson, Francis; War of 1812; Coosa; (12m); Extensive correspondence between Bobbie Jones McLane and John W. Reese Jr. of SLC, UT. Also mentions William Pemberton (Creek Indian Wars) and Joshua Pemberson (War of 1812).
Peavy, Abraham; Revolutionary War; Butler; (3.8m); Includes info on family of Dr. Elias Alexander Wallace; ltrs from Mrs. Paul Heisig of El Paso, TX, and Ida Carrie Seale of Bay Pines, FL.
Peavy, Daniel; War of 1812; Butler.
Peeples, William H.; War of 1812; Perry, Dallas, Autauga.
Peete, Benjamin Capt.; War of 1812; Limestone; (1.6m).
Peete, Samuel; War of 1812; Madison.
Pemberton, Joshua; War of 1812; Tallapoosa; (1.6m); No notes by Mrs. Gandrud; only a photocopy of Elizabeth (widow) Pemberton’s application for Bounty Land Warrant. See file on Francis Pearson for correspondence between Bobbie Jones McLane and John W. Reese Jr of SLC, UT.
Perdue, Sovereign; War of 1812; Butler, Wilcox, Lowndes, Crenshaw; (2m); Note from Charles Boyd, New York City, NY.
Perkins, Constantine; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Perkins, Hardin; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Perritt, John; War of 1812; Marengo, Clarke.
Perritt, Needham; War of 1812; Butler.
Perry, Simon L.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; probably the same man as Sion L. Perry.
Peters, Emanuel; War of 1812; Marshall.
Peterson, Hiram; Indian War 1836; Tuscaloosa.
Peterson, Thomas; War of 1812; Bibb, Perry, Coosa.
Phillips, Charles; War of 1812; Blount, Hancock, Cullman, Randolph.
Phillips, George.pdf; Creek War 1813-1814; Madison, Shelby, Dallas.
Phillips, Thomas; War of 1812; Limestone; Extract from Goodspeed for Southern Arkansas only.
Pickens, John C.; War of 1812; Butler; (1.3m).
Pinkston, Matthew; War of 1812; Lauderdale.
Pitts, Pittman; War of 1812; Madison.
Pitts, Thomas Daniel; War of 1812; Perry.

Plunket, James; War of 1812; DeKalb, Cherokee.
Pogue, James E.; War of 1812; Coosa, Elmore; (1.1m).
Poole, David; War of 1812; Benton, Cleburne.
Poole, Roswell; War of 1812; Madison, Clarke.
Porter, John C.; War of 1812; Washington.
Posey, Joseph H.; War of 1812; Blount.
Posey, Squire; War of 1812; Coosa, Winston.
Pounds, Merriman; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa, Benton; (4.7m); Ltrs from C.G. Pound of Spaulding, OK.
Powell, Joseph; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone; Abstracts of ltrs from Mrs. W. Joe Godwin of Memphis, TN.
Powell, Levin; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa;
Powell, Moses; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Powell, Nathaniel; War of 1812; Clay.
Powell, Norborne Berkeley; War of 1812; Bullock.
Powell, Peyton; Revolutionary War; Madison; .
Powers, William; War of 1812; Madison; Obits for vet and widow.
Pratt, Jesse; War of 1812; Lauderdale.
Prentice, John; War of 1812; Shelby.
Prescott, Alvin; War of 1812; Randolph.
Prescott, Ephraim (Rev). Served in South Carolina militia in the War of 1812 in Captain Brian March's Company. He was born on December 01, 1776 in S.C. and died in 1847 in Coffee County near Elba. He is buried in the Prescott Cemetery there (Hwy 364, Taylor Road). He married Rebecca Cain about 1795 in S.C. She was born in N.C. on December 16, 1776 and died in Coffee County in 1875. Information provided by descendant Sandra Manring Todd and from records for Prescott Cemetery.
Presnall, Jacob; War of 1812; Randolph.
Prewett, John W.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Prewett, Valentine G.; War of 1812; Madison.
Price, Martin; War of 1812; Jackson; (1.4m); Ltrs from Lucie Price of Austin, TX; Mrs. M.S. Carruth of Dallas, TX.
Price, Reuben; War of 1812; Dallas.
Price, William H.; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Pruet, Alexander; War of 1812; Clay.
Pruet, Jacob. TN Captain Mounted Volunteers, War of 1812, born in 1761 and died in 1845. His wife was Nancy Agnes Richey Pruet. Both are buried in New Prospect near Haleyville, Winston County, AL
Pruet, John Welch; War of 1812; Madison, Tuscaloosa; (3.1m); Three newspaper clippings, 1972, by Marvin L. Harper, on John Prewitt.
Pruet, William Madison; War of 1812; Lawrence; Info from Mrs. L.L. Brockman, Pine Bluff, AR.
Pruet, William W.; War of 1812; Jackson, Madison; Info from Mrs. L.L. Brockman, Pine Bluff, AR.
Pruett, Richard W.; War of 1812; Butler.
Pruitt, Hardin; War of 1812; Butler, Benton.
Pryor, Luke; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone.
Pullen, William; War of 1812; Fayette; (8m).


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