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Pauline Jones Gandrud's
Alabama Soldiers
Manuscript Collection

War of 1812 Veterans Buried in Alabama

The following list includes information collected by Pauline Jones Gandrud and from the National Cemetery Administration U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2000 data base and may contain some inaccurate information. Anyone having information on any veteran listed herein or who may have information on 1812 veterans whose names don't appear on this list should contact me. mailto:. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The Alabama Daughters of 1812, a historical-heritage association has been working in conjunction with the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Association - helping families preserve family locate and mark veterans’ graves and preserve the cemeteries in which these veterans and other family members are buried.

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Saffold, Reuben; War of 1812; Clarke; Newspaper clipping, no date, This Date in Alabama History by W.J. Boles about Reuben Saffold.
Sale, Dudley; War of 1812; Madison.
Sanders, James; War of 1812; Madison.
Sanders, John W.,War of 1812, Pvt. in Captain Clement's Company South Carolina militia from 15 September 1814 until 15 February, 1815. He is buried Sanders Cemetery, Jackson County, AL. He was married to Nancy Griffin 15 March, 1808 in the Spartanburg District of South Carolina. Marked by the Thomas Gold Chapter A.S. Daughters of 1812 in February, 1960.

Sanderson, William; War of 1812; Limestone.
Sandidge, Garrett Longmire; War of 1812; Madison; Note from David Fraser of Atlanta, GA. Another note says see photocopy of application of Talbot Key.
Sanford, James M.; War of 1812; Butler.
Satterwhite, Stephen; War of 1812; Russell
Saunders, Thomas .Died Battle of Talladega, 9 Nov 1813. Honored by DAR by monument erected in Oak Hill Cemetery, Talladega, AL
Savage, Zebulon; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Sawyer, Archibald; War of 1812; Randolph.
Saxon, William; War of 1812; Shelby.
Scott, Robert Gomain; War of 1812; Monroe.
Scott, Thomas; War of 1812; Blount; (1.6m); Includes survey of Old Siloam Cemetery, Blount Co.; ltrs from Wm. B. Scott of El Paso, TX.
Scriverer, Reuben; War of 1812; Madison.
Scurlock, Joshua; Florida War; Jackson.
Seale, Arnold; War of 1812; Barbour.
Seals, Charles; War of 1812; Shelby.
Seaton, John; War of 1812; Madison.
Seay, Abram B.; War of 1812; Talladega.
Self, Francis; War of 1812; Benton.
Self, Francis; War of 1812; Benton.
Self, Melchezedec; War of 1812; Jackson.
Self, William; War of 1812; Blount; (1.6m).
Sexton, Sterling J.; War of 1812; Bibb, Coosa, Autauga, Chilton.
Shaw, William; War of 1812; Coosa.
Shearer, Gilbert; War of 1812; Dallas.
Shelby, John; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Shelton, Ledamon; War of 1812; Coosa.
Sheppard, David; War of 1812; Autauga, Chilton. David Sheppard was born 15 Aug 1795 in Washington County, GA and died 21 Aug 1883 at the residence of his son-in-law C. Ousley in Chilton County, AL, but was buried in the L. B. Parker Cemetery in Autauga County, AL in the Milton Community. His wife Jane Parker is also buried there. For more info on David and his brother William Sheppard you should mailto:
Sheppard, William; War of 1812; Barbour.William, the brother of David Sheppard was born in Washington County, GA 30 Sep 1792 and went to Little Blue Springs in Barbour County, AL. He is buried in Barbour County, probably in the Sheppard Cemetery there at Blue Springs where other members of the Sheppard family are buried.
Sherrod, Benjamin. War of 1812, Georgia. Army contractor with Commissary Department supplying Georgia troops. Reference: Owen, Thomas McAdory, History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Vol IV. He was born 16 Jan 1777 at Halifax County, NC and died 25 Feb 1847 at Lawrence County Alabama. He married his wife Eliza Watkins 1 Jan 1808 at Elbert County, GA.
Shields, John; War of 1812; Madison.
Shoemaker, Moses; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Shores, Elijah V.; War of 1812; Talladega, Clay.
Shuttleworth, John; War of 1812; Bibb.
Sibrel, Frederick; War of 1812; Madison.
Sides, Henry; Revolutionary War; Walker.
Simms, Joel; War of 1812; Morgan; Ltr from Mary J. St. John of Birmingham, AL.
Simpson, James A.; War of 1812; Shelby.
Simpson, Sol P.; Florida War; Lawrence.
Simpson, Thomas; Seminole War; Shelby.
Simpson, William; War of 1812; Madison.
Simpson, William Dr.; War of 1812; Madison.
Sims, Arthur; Creek Indian Wars; Butler.
Sims, Samuel; War of 1812; Bibb.
Singleton, Theophilus; War of 1812; Chambers, Lee.
Sisco, Jacob; War of 1812; Madison; Ltr from Minnie Mae Lacy of Jacksonville, TX.
Slay, Daniel R.; War of 1812; Chambers.
Sloan, David; Indian Wars; Barbour.
Smart, Cornelius; War of 1812; Pike.
Smedley, John; War of 1812; Chambers.
Smith, Bird; War of 1812; Chambers; Ltr from Mrs. Robert V. Jordan of Monticello, FL.
Smith, David; War of 1812; Monroe.
Smith, James; War of 1812; Madison, Franklin.
Smith, James L.; War of 1812; Clay, Randolph.
Smith, James Patton; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; (1.3m); Ltr from Mrs. Frankie N. Martin.
Smith, Joseph; War of 1812; Jefferson, Fayette.
Smith, Joseph; War of 1812; Chambers, Tallapoosa.
Smith, Martha P. widow; ---; Butler; Photocopy order from PJG to National Archives without result.
Smith, Neal; War of 1812; Clarke.
Smith, Peyton; War of 1812; Bibb, Chilton; (1.4m); Ltr from Mabel C. Jamison of Kosciusko, MS.
Smith, Thomas M.; War of 1812; Perry;
Smith, William C.; War of 1812; Chambers.
Snider, Matthias; War of 1812; Pike.
Snodgrass, Benjamin Colonel; Florida War; Jackson.
Southern, John; War of 1812; ---.
Sparks, Enoch; War of 1812; Franklin.
Sparks, John; Revolutionary War; Franklin.
Sparks, Leonard; War of 1812; Jackson, Cherokee; (1.1m).
Sparks, William. Pvt. in Captain Manley Ford's Company of Infantry Batt'n SC militia commanded b Major William Fields, Oct and November, 1814 for six months service, Nov to March, 1815 in the same company muster roll. He was drafted in Spartanburg, SC and discharged at Orangeburg, SC on 12 Mar 1815. He made application for bounty land 28 Sep, 1850 in Franklin County, AL. William Sparks is buried in the Sparks Cemetery in Franklin County.
Spears, Messer; War of 1812; Randolph, Talladega, Tallapoosa, Clay;
Spence, Solomon; War of 1812; Madison, Talladega.
Splann, Cornelius; War of 1812; Morgan, Lawrence.
Springer, John; War of 1812; ---.
Stallings, Jesse; War of 1812; Clarke, Butler.
Stanaland, Hugh; War of 1812; Pike; Only a note from John Johnston of Brundidge, AL.
Stansel, William Roberts; War of 1812; Pickens.
Starkey, Jesse; War of 1812; Jackson; (1.4m); Ltr from Edris A. Starkey of Altus, OK.
Steele, George Capt.; War of 1812; Madison; (1.2m)
Stell, James; War of 1812; Lawrence.
Stephens, John; Revolutionary War; Lowndes; Only a ltr from J.E. Hill of Decatur, GA.
Stephens, Josiah; War of 1812; Jackson.
Stephenson, John; War of 1812; Morgan.
Stephenson, William Watson; War of 1812; Lawrence.
Stewart, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison.
Stewart, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison.
Stickney, Henry; War of 1812; Mobile; (2.9m).
Stockdale, James S.; War of 1812; Talladega; Ltr from Franklin S. Moseley of Eutaw, AL.
Stough, Jacob; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Stradford, Matthew; War of 1812; Morgan.
Strickland, Eli; War of 1812; Randolph, Clay, Marshall.
Strickland, Henry; War of 1812; Bibb; Ltr from Mary Barnett Curtis of Fort Worth, TX.
Stringfield, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison.
Strother, Aaron; War of 1812; Chambers.
Stroup, Jacob; War of 1812; Calhoun.
Stuart, Daniel; War of 1812; Pike.
Stubbs, Lewis; War of 1812; Pike.
Summers, Thomas; War of 1812; Talladega, Lawrence.
Swindle, Daniel; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; Ltr from Faye Bean Elder of Arlington, TX.
Sykes, James Turner; War of 1812; Morgan.


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